Reducing waste is an essential consideration for many businesses. It’s not only an essential sustainability factor but one that can directly impact the balance books with financial benefits awaiting forward-thinking companies. Even though organisations have access to various methods of reducing waste, making changes often relies on a financial injection that can facilitate such change.

At CMP Solutions, we understand that not all companies can make these amendments without an investment, so we offer Lean grant support. To understand how these Irish incentives can help you to maximise value and improve operating efficiency, keep reading.

What Are Lean Grants?

The Lean grant is facilitated by Enterprise Ireland as a way to improve the overall business landscape within the country. Its purpose is to encourage companies to adopt tools and techniques that can improve operations.

The support was created as it was clear that many companies knew what changes they needed to make but lacked the financial injection needed to transform processes. As the money awarded is pivotal to success, we created our support service to ensure winning organisations get the most from their cash flow boost.

Lean grants were initially scoped out for manufacturing companies but are suitable for a range of other sectors, including software and production.

How Can Lean Grants Reduce Waste and Maximise Value?

Lean by name and nature, the strategies that can be implemented for grant winners are designed to improve company efficiency, cost competitiveness and ongoing sustainability. They help businesses to streamline operations which can ensure waste is reduced and company value skyrockets. Waste is also an important aspect to consider as it doesn’t just relate to lost money but also to negative impacts on brand reputation that can be gained for businesses that do not operate sustainably.

Lean operating styles improve efficiency to create a culture of continuous improvement which runs more smoothly. This also ensures that certain aspects of performance can be automated allowing workforce to be used better by hiring companies. As well as reduced waste and better sustainability, other benefits also include better company culture, increased transparency across a company and operating methods that can be scaled when required.

What Lean Grant Support Can CMP Solutions Offer?

At CMP Solutions, we have proven experience of helping a range of companies benefit from Lean grants. From food processing to distribution, our frameworks allow businesses to improve efficiencies that can lead to long term change. Our lean digital services highlight the methods we have chosen to track and make changes which are ideal for companies of all sizes and maturities.

This work also lends itself to our wider cost reduction and processing solutions, which see organisations improve quality, meet lead times faster and guarantee high output quality.

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