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When Cost-Reduction is Paramount!

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Cody Manufacturing & Process Solutions
When Cost-Reduction is Paramount!

Engineering Quality Management System Consulting Services

Providing a suite of process design, quality management services and optimisation to help your business to improve product quality and reduce risks. Ultimately improving customer satisfaction and profitability.

If you have an engineering need, we can provide a solution.

Do you need to improve product quality & production processes?

We have helped a range of companies, including those in the manufacturing, food processing, healthcare, distribution & logistics and retail industries, providing a suite of Process Design & Optimisation services.
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When Is the Right Time to Get a Consultant to Help Improve or Review Your Manufacturing Processes?

Our team provides production and process validation expertise ensuring that you achieve optimal quality and meet your regulatory compliance obligations in the most efficient manner.

If you're in need of production and quality validation, or if you're exploring innovative approaches to enhance your operations, CMP Solutions offers external expertise. Our team conducts thorough validation of your existing processes, ensuring that you achieve optimal quality in both input and output within your industry.

Quality Management & Manufacturing Process Consulting

At CMP Solutions we help businesses improve their manufacturing process. We use our expertise to help implement solutions to improve across a range of areas including process design, process optimisation, engineering design, problem solving tools, error-proofing solutions, project management, process validation and change management.

Process Design

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Process design is critical for efficiency and quality. We specialise in crafting streamlined workflows for manufacturing. From inception to implementation, we ensure efficiency, quality, and scalability, optimising processes for cost-effectiveness and seamless production.

Process Optimisation/ Improvement

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Transforming existing processes to yield the best results.

Engineering Design

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Designing bespoke tooling/machines, existing tooling/machine modifications.

Problem Solving Tools

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Tools to support identifying true root cause, implementing corrective and preventative actions and mitigating risks.

Error-Proofing Solutions

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Implementing fail-safe mechanisms to prevent a process from producing defects.

Project Management

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Project planning, resourcing, and execution to meet pre-defined goals.


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Planning, leading, and executing process, product, and equipment validations.

Process, Product & Equipment Validation

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Assessing and verifying manufacturing processes for compliance with standards, ensuring product safety, efficacy, and regulatory compliance.

Change Management

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Implementing small or large-scale changes with defined planning and successful outcomes.

Engineering & Quality Solutions

Risk management consulting

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At CMP Solutions we are experts in risk management consulting, including reviewing the financial risks and everyday risks associated with your business. We often use failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) to help us identify possible risks and what can be done to prevent or reduce the possibility of these happening.

Financial risks

  • Supply chain risks
  • Operational risks
  • Strategic risks
  • Regulatory risks
  • Environmental risks
  • Emerging risks

GMP Consulting

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CMP Solutions offer GMP consulting services, ensuring pharmaceutical companies comply with Good Manufacturing Practices, optimising processes, enhancing product quality, and ensuring regulatory compliance, validation of processes, equipment, and systems and continuous improvement for safe and effective pharmaceutical production.

CAPA Corrective and preventive action management

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Designing, implementing, and sustaining a CAPA model that enhances your Quality System and meets industry regulations/standards.

Regulations/ Quality Standards Adherence

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Ensuring quality system meets industry regulations and standards, improving knowledge of regulations and standards.

ISO 9001 consulting services

ISO 9001 consulting services assist businesses in implementing and maintaining quality management systems to achieve ISO 9001 certification. At CMP Solutions, we are specialist ISO 9001 consultants, with years of experience in helping businesses achieve ISO 9001 certification. We provide expertise in documentation, process improvement, and audit preparation to enhance organisational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

When to obtain ISO 9001?

Manufacturing companies should obtain ISO 9001 certification when seeking to enhance product quality, streamline processes, improve customer satisfaction, and demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and compliance with international quality standards.

Why does my business need ISO 9001?

Obtaining the ISO 9001 certification offers enhanced quality management, efficiency, and market reputation, leading to improved customer satisfaction, access to new markets, and cost savings. It fosters a culture of continuous improvement, regulatory compliance, and supplier relationships, driving competitiveness and organisational success.
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CMP Solutions will design and implement both capital and operational cost-reduction plans / strategies for your organisation. We will do so in a way that encourages the sustained growth of your business via improved standards of Quality and Customer Service, while preserving Employee satisfaction.

Contact us today and we look forward to positively influencing your cost reduction journey!
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