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When Cost-Reduction is Paramount!

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Cody Manufacturing & Process Solutions
When Cost-Reduction is Paramount!

Lean Business & Lean Manufacturing Consultancy

CMP Solutions are lean business and lean manufacturing consultants that can help you improve your business efficiency by maximising value whilst minimising waste.

Do you need a lean business and lean manufacturing consultant to improve efficiencies and reduce-costs in your business?

Maximise value, minimise waste!

Lean principles and strategies can be introduced and embedded into any organisation. CMP Solutions are lean business and lean manufacturing consultants who will maximise value within your business, while minimising waste to create value for your customers. This will improve your company’s efficiency, cost competitiveness and sustainability

Lean Business & Lean Manufacturing

What does it look like?

- Increasing efficiencies
- Cost Improvements
- Continuous improvement
- Waste elimination
- Simplified standard work
- Optimum use of space

What are the results?

- Sustained culture of Operational Excellence
- Increased profit margin
- Facilitation of future growth
- Defect reduction
- Superior customer service
- Motivated workforce

Will lean business & lean manufacturing work for your business?

At CMP Solutions we work with a range of clients within the manufacturing and processing industries to help improve efficiencies in Ireland. We work in following sectors:

Food Processing


Banking & Financial Services

Distribution & Logistics

Food & Beverage

And many more…

Lean methods/services

We use the following lean tools and techniques during the process:
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Value Stream Mapping
Kanban Implementation
The 5S
Root Cause Analysis
DMAIC Process
A3 Lean

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a process improvement technique used by businesses to enhance efficiency and eliminate waste. It involves visualising the entire journey of delivering a product/service to customers, from raw materials to the final outcome (current state). By identifying bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas of improvement, Value Stream Mapping enables organisations across all industries to streamline their processes, reduce lead times, and enhance overall quality, leading to improved customer satisfaction and sustainable business growth (future state).

Kanban Implementation

Kanban is a dynamic approach encompassing inventory control for just-in-time production, visual workflow management, and scheduling within lean systems. It serves as an inventory tracker, ensuring timely part and material orders.

The 5S

5S is a method for creating a safe, clean, organised, high performance, visual work environment, that contains only what is needed, when it is needed and where it is needed. 5S is the foundation of all continuous improvement.


Poka Yoke is a meticulous quality assurance technique utilised by businesses to prevent errors and defects in processes. Also known as 'error-proofing' or 'mistake-proofing', Poka Yoke employs mechanisms such as sensors, visual cues, or simple devices, to prevent or detect mistakes at various stages. By implementing foolproof measures (think the 3-pin plug), Poka Yoke ensures that errors are caught and corrected before they escalate, leading to enhanced product quality, reduced rework, and improved overall efficiency across diverse industries.

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis is a systematic investigative process employed by businesses to uncover the underlying factors contributing to problems, errors, or incidents. This method aims to identify the fundamental causes that lead to undesirable outcomes by delving beyond surface issues. Through structured techniques and data analysis, Root Cause Analysis helps organisations address issues at their source, allowing for effective solutions, process improvements, and preventive measures. This approach leads to enhanced problem-solving, increased operational resilience, and sustained business growth across various industries.


SMED, or Single-Minute Exchange of Die, is a lean manufacturing technique employed by businesses to minimise equipment changeover times. By optimising the transition process from one production task to another, SMED aims to reduce downtime and enhance operational efficiency. This methodology involves streamlining procedures, eliminating non-essential steps, and utilising parallel activities to achieve rapid equipment setup. By implementing SMED, organisations achieve faster production changeovers, increased flexibility, and improved productivity, contributing to overall operational excellence.

DMAIC Process

Every process can be Defined, Measured, Analysed, Improved and Controlled. Beginning with defining the problem and measuring its current state, DMAIC delves into data analysis to uncover root causes. Subsequently, improvements are identified and implemented, followed by the establishment of control measures to sustain the gains. Following the DMAIC framework can contribute to Operational Excellence levels of efficiency through data-driven solutions, optimised processes, and consistent quality enhancements.

A3 Lean

A3 refers to a problem-solving and communication tool designed to foster collaboration and improvement within organisations. A3 encompasses problem analysis, root cause identification, proposed countermeasures, and an action plan. By promoting clear communication and structured problem-solving, A3 empowers teams to make informed decisions, address challenges, and drive continuous improvement.

What kind of results can I expect from implementing lean services into my business?

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The lean manufacturing consultancy process

CMP Solutions aim is to provide sustainable benefits, increased productivity, and overall business growth.
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CMP Solutions will design and implement both capital and operational cost-reduction plans / strategies for your organisation. We will do so in a way that encourages the sustained growth of your business via improved standards of Quality and Customer Service, while preserving Employee satisfaction.

Contact us today and we look forward to positively influencing your cost reduction journey!

CMP Solutions’ Cost Reduction Calculator will provide your business with a report to identify how you can improve your costs and return on investment.

Guiding you through the next steps to business improvement!
Cost Reduction Calculator

Our other core lean business & lean consultancy services

At CMP Solutions, our focus is on transforming businesses in the manufacturing and processing sectors. Here are some of our other services.