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When Cost-Reduction is Paramount!

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Cody Manufacturing & Process Solutions
When Cost-Reduction is Paramount!

Business Transformation Consulting Services

Effectively responding to issues, eliminating risks & continuously improving.

How continuous improvement will drive business transformation for your business.

business transformation solutions
Failing to achieve your financial goals?
business transformation consulting
Dealing with the consequences of unseen events?
business transformation services
Experiencing high employee attrition?

These are the symptoms of business instability!

CMP Solutions will take your business to a place of stability. Effectively responding to issues, eliminating risks & continuously improving will ensure financial goals are consistently met and morale is improved across the business.
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What does business stability mean?

- Achieving business goals and gross/net margins
- Managing your risk
- Meeting internal/external commitments
- Achieving Quality/Customer Service targets
- Delivering sustainable year-on-year cost reductions
- Low rate of employee attrition
- Responding effectively to issues
- Consistency in all the above
Your business is successful and performing to a high level.

Now it’s time for business growth & continuous improvement!

CMP Solutions will identify and evolve potential opportunities to drive sustained growth in your business. We define a strategy that will drive company culture through leadership, technology, and employee empowerment.
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What is business growth management?

- Vision supported by a defined strategy
- Cultural and leadership excellence
- Willingness to invest in the future
- Relentlessly seeking new opportunities
- Ability to evolve opportunity potential
- Employee empowerment
- Talent development
- Succession planning
- Embracing technology

Continuous improvement consulting from CMP Solutions

At CMP Solutions we will unlock every ounce of potential within your organisation. We will review and analyse current performance and maximise value, slash inefficiencies, and ensure that every cent you spend translates into tangible growth.

We will then produce a detailed plan so that you can continually improve workflow in your business through the use of different approaches.

This is our process to business transformation


Business Vision

Gain an understanding of the business vision and future goals.


Creation of a strategy that will become roadmap for business transformation.

Translate The Strategy

Translate the strategy into projects or departmental goals that align with the overall objective's goals.

Tactical Plan

Creation of a tactical plan that includes measurable targets, timelines, and clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

Breaking It Down

Breaking the plan down further into individual employee goals.

Governance Process

Implementation of a coherent governance process that guarantees all efforts at various levels within the business align with strategic goals. Any lack of alignment will be identified and rectified.
business transformation consulting

Our unique business transformation approach at CMP Solutions

Whether you’re in the business of Manufacturing, Food Processing, Healthcare, Distribution & Logistics or Retail CMP Solutions craft tailor made solutions that work. But here's the secret sauce: We aren’t just about business. We’re about your business. Through Operational Excellence we’ve mastered the art of doing more with less to weave strategies designed to propel your business onto the path of excellence while ensuring continuous improvement.

CMP Solutions’ Cost Reduction Calculator will provide your business with a report to identify how you can improve your costs and return on investment.

Guiding you through the next steps to business improvement!
Cost Reduction Calculator

Cost Improvement/ Reduction For Your Business

Our business transformation consulting process we will help improve costs in your business as part of an overall growth strategy. We will also support your business in securing available grants and funding.
Try Cost Reduction Calculator
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“I’ve worked with Tom on an extensive project for the past ten months. During that time, I have found him to have been of huge benefit. Tom brings Lean expertise but more importantly in a practical, useable way, allowing the benefits of Lean to be implemented in an understandable and efficient manner. Tom is goal orientated and as early as possible sets out to create measurable targets that as achieved bring wins for the business and teams involved. Tom is easy to work with but constantly challenges the team in all the right ways. I recommend Tom for any business looking to either implement Lean within their business.”

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CMP Solutions will design and implement both capital and operational cost-reduction plans / strategies for your organisation. We will do so in a way that encourages the sustained growth of your business via improved standards of Quality and Customer Service, while preserving Employee satisfaction.

Contact us today and we look forward to positively influencing your cost reduction journey!