Irish company CMP Solutions have today announced the launch of their business. A South Tipperary based company supporting businesses in achieving significant cost reduction, CMP Solutions provide a range of services from engineering and design to leadership and operational excellence. Their unique selling point is that they design and implement customised solutions for their clients as part of a 2-step process, unlike the single-step process typically associated with consultancy. The ability to reduce costs in a sustainable way is the company’s primary pledge.

Founder and Managing Director of CMP Solutions, Tom Cody said:

“With the likely increase in corporation tax rate coming, businesses in Ireland will be under more pressure than ever to reduce costs. We believe that now is the ideal time to launch CMP Solutions because our broad-range of services will support both capital and operational cost-reduction strategies. We will do so in a way that encourages the sustained growth of businesses via improved standards of Quality and Customer Service, while preserving Employee satisfaction.”

About CMP Solutions:

CMP Solutions specialise in services for the manufacturing and processing industry in Ireland and are a one-stop shop for the design and implementation of sustainable solutions. The company provide a total of 40 services across multiple disciplines such as Engineering, Design, Problem-Solving, Lean Manufacturing, Operational Excellence, Leadership, People Development and Quality. Tom Cody (Founder) has 16+ years in a highly regulated, drug/device manufacturing environment, primarily in business critical roles such as Engineering, Operations and Quality. Tom holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Manufacturing along with various other educational awards in Engineering.

For additional information or enquiries:

Call Tom Cody on 087 2250461
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